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silver mother of the bride dresses

So 27 years ago tonight my brothers Jamie and Pete along with my best man Jeff come to our apartment and tell me it is bachelor party time. I remember trying to explain to them that I was getting married the very next day. Like that worked. My soon to be wife was staying at her sisters that night so I was alone and powerless. I honestly do not recall how many bars we hit but I do recall the last one. The Silver Dollar Bar in Mandan. Now at that time they still had exotic dancers and since it was the last bar I do not believe any of us were exactly cold stone sober. Well wouldn't you know it but our bachelor party was crashed by my future sister in law, my sister, my future wife, and my mother. Thank God our apartment at the time was behind the old Hirsch floral on the corner of Collins and First Street. And so escaping or rather getting home quickly was of high importance. Plus the fact of seeing my mom in The Silver Dollar was just a bit over the top and quite sobering. I believe I said good night to my bride to be and headed out the door with Jeff towards home. I say I believe because my memory is a bit cloudy. The next morning though Jeff was there hammering on my door saying get up and get dressed. We were hours away from heading to the Justice of the Peace and starting our life together. Not Jeff and I but Patty and I. Lol silver mother of the bride dresses

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