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red evening dresses

A light went out in our family yesterday when we lost my dear aunt, Sandy Morgan. Whether you know a person's time is nearing it's end or not, it's still terribly tough to accept the loss.

I could go on and on with memory after memory I have of her and time spent with her growing up. We were pretty close as aunts and nieces go...I saw her frequently as a youngster and even into my teen and adult years I spent a good amount of time with her.

Sandy had a great sense of humor, was kind, witty, accommodating, always a gracious and generous hostess, and an all-around fun aunt.

She allowed me to use her home when I was just a teen and I wanted to throw a surprise 40th birthday party for my mom.

There were many MANY parties and reunions at the Morgan home over the years. Those parties were followed by countless karaoke nights in the basement with plenty of laughter and fun, whether you were singing into the mic, at your seat, or just chair dancing as a spectator.

She lent me a gorgeous red dress for my high school freshman year Homecoming dance. She took me shopping to find matching shoes, and had me try on many more dresses, "just for fun," she said. She ended up buying me a gorgeous off-the-shoulder, floor-length, black velvet gown - and shoes and a matching clutch. When I protested and said the dress she was lending me was perfectly fine, she said, "My girls are all grown up, I don't get to have fun doing this anymore!" red evening dresses

And, as pictured, is one of my favorite memories. On the left is the newspaper clipping with my Aunt Sandy and my mom, Cherryl Eisert Jones , after Aunt Sandy was crowned Miss Erie back in 1960. On the right is me, wearing Aunt Sandy's crown (a real crown, not a plastic fake tiara like they have these days!) when I was a fairy princess for Halloween in 1987. I'll never forget how special and beautiful I felt, wearing that crown that she trusted me with.

Aunt Sandy was classy and beautiful and always had a way of making feel special. She will be deeply, sorely missed by all of us who were so incredibly fortunate to have her in our lives.

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