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"The normal size of the uterus is 6.5cm x 3.5cm x 3cm (length, width, thickness). The volume keeps changing depending on the menstrual cycle."

I dream into the magic of our womb. This most primal jewel in a woman's body in which we can access wisdom from all creation, speak with Mother Earth herself, experience deep rejuvenation and bring healing to ourselves, each other and our world. Oh is that all!! ;-)

And our maternal inheritance whether we like it or not, the egg that ... made us, was an egg inside our mother when she was just a foetus inside of our grandmother.

This is my mantelpiece. Probably to anyone else it looks just covered in stuff. On my mantelpiece rests the things I love.

Photos of my family, my beautiful, fierce,loving, big pawed, howling, late wolfdog, Boudicca's collar, the beautiful blue and green crystal glasses and bowls I watched my Nanny polish as a little girl when she was alive, a Dartmoor skull my wolfdog ran to me with once in her mouth, which I painted reds golds and oranges to symbolise rebirth, and clay sculptures I made on initiatory journeys into the earth and sisterhood, a womby painting gifted to me by the amazingly gifted plus size prom dresses 2019 Dawn Shade and this tiny pearl necklace....

It was given to me by my mum last year when her mum died.

Her mum, my nanny always kept it close as it was given to her by her mum who always wore it, my great grandmother, and possible my great, great grandmother gave it to her on her 18th, we think, is that right mum?

In the ache of our inheritance of both love and separation in the maternal line I place this necklace at the centre of my home as a prayer to heal our deepest grief, our deepest traumas as women.

Yesterday I visited the dark and wise cave waters of the White Spring in Glastonbury with my mum and her friend, where we had an intimate and wild experience together, and it brought healing on a level that the mind can't explain.

There is so much we can heal and remember when we return to the wisdom of our womb and our wild and sacred waters. Thankyou Sarah Mooney you are really in my heart this morning X

The Wisdom of the Wild Woman is Whispering Within You...

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