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Allah made zina haram and made marriage halal.

If Allah made alcohol haram he made hundreds of other drinks halal.

If Allah made music haram he gave you Quran

If Allah made pork haram he gave you hundreds of other foods; fruits, vegetables and meat etc.

If Allah made silk and gold Haram for men He gave them many other things to dress and beautify themselves; cotton and polyester and many many others

If Allah forbid women to expose their beauties for other than their mahrams He ordered them to beautify themselves for their husbands which creates more love and affection in their relation resulting in many other goodnesses.

If Allah made interest (riba/sood)
Haram but He made trade halal.

If Islam made pictures of living being (animals,human's pic/sketch) haram but Islam made pictures of non living being halal like mountains,flower,sky,sea,tree etc

If Islam made girl friend/boy friend relationship haram but Islam made marriage halal.

Never can you say everything is haram only a few things are haram and the blessings are too many to count. The hikmah of Allah is great many things which we think are not bad, results in making people fall into haram which we all want to avoid as muslims.if u think practicing Islam limits u from having fun then your concept of fun has been poisoned by haram. gold flower girl dresses

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