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cocktail dresses for juniors

Few months back.

Agent calls me to let me know there is a Lounge manager job available.

Next day.

Dresses up like a Lounge Manager should dress. Picks up my credentials. Off I went to the Lounge.

Locates Lounge. The Boss isn't around. Drops CV.

The Next day. No call. No message.

The following day. Checks back to know why.

Waits for about 2 hours for the Boss.

Within the waiting period, I decide to analyse the Lounge to know what and what is not in place so, when I start work I can make sure it is done right.

Space. Remarkable. Very spacious to accommodate over 200 people or more.

Lighting. Poor. Too much much bright light in an indoor Bar & Lounge.

Furniture. Bad. Worn out furniture that has exceeded its lifespan.

Entertainment. Nothing remarkable. Just 3 TV sets at parallel positions playing Africa Magic. No Live band. No Strippers. No DJ. No speakers even. Smh.

Bar. Filled with the regular spirits. Lacks expensive liquors like: Ace of Spade, Henessy xo e.t.c. No provision for Cocktails in the Menu.


Boss finally shows up. He should be in his late 50's. I walk up to him. Introduced myself also wasting no time in telling him why I came.

Boss offered me a seat. We started talking.

Boss reveals he saw my CV but he felt I was too
young to manage his business. That my prospective junior colleagues should be my mates or maybe older than. He feels I might find it hard to delegate duties.

I am in my mid twenties. How my age becomes the problem is something I don't understand.

Boss sees that I am undeterred. He began asking questions. "How many shots are in a bottle of Beer?"

Nobody sells Beer in shot glasses but Spirits or Liquors. Ridiculous question.

He questions further. More ridiculous questions.

I endure. I kept answering. Made up my mind that even if he eventually offered me the job I wouldn't take.

He then went on to tell me how the Lounge is as old as I am. How he has kids that's my age but wouldn't attempt to apply for a manager job at that age. He says youths of this days are too forward. We don't want to start small and learn.

The ridiculousness of his statement hit me hard. How can someone be this old but know little.

I smile. Telling him the relevance of my experience so far to the job. I tell him how I started off as a bar manager in 2013. How I proceeded in working in hotels after that. How I managed a boutique with a 100 million naira worth of clothing for months. I tell him that I understand the intricacies of running a bar. How much of a plus I would be to his firm but his concern for my age wouldn't let him see all that. I still have more to spew but I end there. cocktail dresses for juniors

He is shocked.

I am satisfied.

I excused myself and walk out.


Some Employers are really scum. I can't overemphasize that.

Happy Sunday.

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