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Mr. Ebuka dressed in black suit, comes down from his car. The house help on bent knees tried to take his suitcase as usual, but he pushed her out of his way and stormed into the house.

Mr. Ebuka - Gideon!!!

Mr. Ebuka turns to the house help. His eyes were fierce red. His chin had turned into buns. The house help kept staring at his chin and smiling. His lips were shaking. His veins on his arms were very visible. He finally noticed the grin on the face of the house help and the direction of her eyes. His right hand moved in a swing and hit the left side of her face. She starts crying. He spoke with authority and anger. black party dresses

Mr. Ebuka - Stupid girl. You allowed this insolence to take place under my roof. Why are you here?

House girl - Si.....r I... Small oga...

Mr. Ebuka - Shut up! Where's he? I arrived since 10 minutes ago and I've screamed his name thrice.

House girl - E dey em room sir. I swear I no see am comot.

The house help was trembling fiercely, still in tears when she saw Gideon walking down the stairs, trying to escape through the kitchen. She shouted

House girl - Oga em don enter kitchen.

Mr. Ebuka screamed as he turned swiftly and saw Gideon frozen at the kitchen door. Mr. Ebuka walked majestically in anger towards his son.

Mr. Ebuka - Come here you Rascal! How on earth have I offended you? What have I not given you as a father?

Gideon - Dad...

Mr. Ebuka - Keep quiet when I am talking! You are rude, radical and brainless. You disgraced this honourable family in this little village.

Gideon - Is it wrong to throw party? It was my birthday. Did you remember? Am I the cause of anyone's death?

Mr. Ebuka in rage swiftly slapped Gideon on his face with both palms. Gideon fell to the floor like a piece of paper been blown into the air. Mr. Ebuka walked away. Gideon was seen screaming as he rolled on the ground.

Gideon - Jesus!! Chineke moi o!! Oluwa! Dieu! Abasi! Mama... Eh!

Gideon was mentioning the name of God in different languages. He was jumping, laughing, crying, rolling on the floor. Full of agony and confusion.
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